Fastlite timeline

1999          Company creation
2000          First Dazzler system delivered
2003          Demonstration of the Dazscope (Chirpscan) technique
                    First SPIDER / Dazzler feedback loop demonstration
2004          Invention and demonstration of the Stabbler (now manufactured by ITEOX)
                    First Dazzlers in the visible range
2005          Mazzler technology (Acousto-optic Programmable gain filter) developped in partnership with Amplitude Technologies.
2006          Invention of the Phazzler, Dazzler-based multi-techniques pulse measurement system.
                    First Dazzler system in the UV
2009          Demonstration of CEP control and stabilization using a Dazzler
                    Invention of the SRSI technique (Wizzler)
2010          Release of the Wizzler product
                    Invention of the Fringeezz
2011          Wizzler in the UV and at 1um
                    Demonstration of mJ level Grism compressor
                    Development of a broadband polarization shaping solution
                    First Dazzler in the Mid-IR
2012          First Wizzler at 2µm
                    Fastlite moves its headquarters to Sophia-Antipolis
2013          Development of the Mozza spectrum analyzer in the 1 to 5um range.
                    Release of the WizzlerUSP for measurement of pulses down to 8fs
                    New UV Dazzler based on Quartz material for improved performances
                    Demonstration of the Dazzler used as a fast scan delay line
2014         Release of the Octopuzz synchronization unit
                   Demonstration of record CEP stability for an amplified system using the Fringeezz
                   Release of the the wizzlerUSP4 for sub-4fs pulse measurements
                   Fastlite is awarded the MIR OPCPA contract by ELI ALPS
2015         Invention of the high-repetition rate Dazzler
                   Release of the Fringeezz product
                   Delivery of the CEP-stable, sub 20fs, 800nm OPCPA seeder for the Amplitude Technologies PW project at ELI-ALPS
2016         Release of Fastlite High-flux MIR OPCPA products for Attosecond science and IR spectroscopy
2017         Delivery of the MIR OPCPA at ELI-ALPS, the first laser open to user experiments of the 3 ELI facilities
2018         OPCPA projects at 2µm, sub 20fs and CEP stable, using kW-class Trumpf Scientific Lasers pumps
2019         Delivery of the first OPA products dedicated to spectroscopy