Custom OPCPA systems

Starzz systems are custom-made MIR OPCPA dedicated to High Harmonic Generation (HHG) and attosecond science.

With record CEP stability, high average power or high pulse energy, this new generation of ultrafast light sources combines Yb-doped industrial grade pump lasers with Fastlite landmark technologies to set new standards in ultrafast laser science.

Record CEP stability

Without the hassle of maintaining a broadband CEP-stable Ti:Sa oscillator up and running, the Starzz systems start from a fiber oscillator and keep a perfect optical synchronization to benefit from passive CEP stabilization. The built-in CEP stabilization loop, based on our exclusive high repetition rate Dazzler and the Fringeezz, adds the extra active control to reach record CEP stability.

All bulk dispersion management

To offer superior stability, as well as to make the system alignement and optimization as simple as possible, the twin Starzz is based on an all-bulk dispersion management.
The all bulk stretcher and compressor stages allowed by the exclusive built-in high repetition rate Dazzler, are ideal to reach record CEP stability.

Industrial-grade Ytterbium pump laser

The Starzz systems benefits from the industrial success of Ytterbium laser technology.
Stable and robust fiber oscillators, rugged design, high quality standards, built for non-expert users… Yb-doped systems are the driving power behind our OPCPA systems.
Please contact Fastlite for an offer including a state of the art pump laser, or to check the Starzz  performances using your own Yb laser.

Dry air, purged compatible enclosure

Water and CO2 absorption challenges the generation of smooth spectrum and pulses in the MIR. The twin Starzz optical head is sealed, to be operated under dry atmosphere or Nitrogen, and provides clean spectrum and pulses.

Includes key and exclusive technologies

Starzz products include the following Fastlite technologies:

High repetition rate Dazzler
ultrafast pulse shaper
Exlusively available in our OPCPA systems
Fringeezz integrated CEP detector
and the CEP stabilization loop
Octopuzz synchronization unit
High Harmonic Generation – XUV spectroscopy and imaging – Attosecond Science

The high-flux/high energy, ultrashort MIR pulses delivered by the Starzz systems open new possibilities in HHG experiments, as they provide the ability to extend the cut-off of the XUV spectra. Coupled with unprecedented CEP stability and high repetition rate, these are unique light sources for imaging, spectroscopy, and attosecond pulse generation.

The Starzz system delivered in the frame of the MIR-OPCPA contract with ELI-ALPS is the first of its kind, and drives research in chemistry, biology, nanoscience, etc… with attosecond resolution.


Click on the image to download the Starzz specifications                 

For further information, please contact Fastlite.