twin Starzz

Ytterbium laser-pumped optical parametric amplifier (OPA), compatible with any sub 1ps pump

Following the success of the Starzz series of high-flux OPCPA systems, Fastlite is proud to introduce the twin Starzz, the new generation of ytterbim laser-pumped OPAs for spectroscopists.

With its innovative and ultra-stable design compatible with a wide range of Ytterbium pump lasers, the twin Starzz delivers the shortest tunable pulses from UV to MIR with an unprecedented simplicity, opening new possibilities for the most demanding applications.

Ultrashort pulses as with a conventional Ti:Sa-pumped OPA… at high repetition rate

With output pulses as short as 50fs, tunable from  UV to MIR, the twin Starzz keeps up with pulse duration and broad spectral bandwidth of state-of-the-art Ti:Sa-pumped OPA systems, but at 10 to 1000 times higher repetition rate.
The twin Starzz drastically reduces your experiment time without compromising on performances.

Industrial-grade high repetition rate Ytterbium pump laser

Unlike conventional kHz-rate, sub 100fs pulses OPA systems using complex Ti:Sa pump lasers, the twin Starzz benefits from the industrial success of Ytterbium laser technology. Stable and robust fiber oscillators, rugged design, high quality standards, built for non-expert users… Yb-doped systems are the driving power behind our OPA systems.

The twin Starzz is compatible with any sub 500fs Ytterbium laser. Please contact Fastlite to check the twin Starzz performances with your laser.

Temperatured controlled ultra stable mechanics

Unlike breadboard-type OPA or OPCPA systems, the twinStarzz OPA products benefit from ultra-stable and temperature-controlled dedicated mechanical bench, for ultimate stability.

OPA mechanics

OPA mechanical bench

Dry air, purged compatible enclosure to ensure minimum absorption of broadband MIR pulses.

Water and CO2 absorption challenges the generation of smooth spectrum and pulses in the LWIR. The twin Starzz optical head is sealed, to be operated under dry atmosphere or Nitrogen, and provides clean spectrum and pulses in the entire tunability range.

Please contact Fastlite for more information.