Scanning FROG dedicated to IR ultrafast pulses

Specially developed to characterize the output of Fastlite high-flux MIR OPCPA sources, the Frozzer can measure pulses from 3 optical cycles to 5ps between 1 and 5µm.
The Frozzer is thus perfectly adaped to the temporal characterization of Yb, Er, or Tm-doped systems as well as signal, idler and DFG outputs of OPA and OPCPA systems.


With its optical head separated from the spectrometer, and including optics compatible with 1 to 5µm central wavelengths, the Frozzer can cover a wide spectral range, and thus characterize many different light sources, from Yb, Er, Tm-doped systems to signal, idler and DFG outputs of OPAs and OPCPAs.
Its ultra-long, high-resolution scanning range can accomodate pulses ranging from few-optical cycles to 5ps with large Time Bandwidth Product (TBP).

Easy to operate

The optical head is designed with simplicity in mind, and can be re-aligned within minutes even by inexperienced users.

Few-cycle SWIR pulse measurement

The third generation of femtosecond laser sources can deliver few-cycle pulses at central wavelengths where non-SHG-based techniques such as SRSI suffer from the lack of available high-resolution spectrometers. The Frozzer perfectly fills the gap with a versatile though simple design.
Extremely easy to operate, it is the ideal tool for SWIR pulse characterization.

Large Time-Bandwidth Product pulses measurement

The ability of the Frozzer to measure chirped pulses or complex temporal shapes up to 5ps is very useful, weither you are building an OPCPA pumped by a few ps laser and you need to control the real pulse temporal profile during amplification, or you are doing experiments with pulses after an OPA and DFG where pulse compression is not straightforward.


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Click on the image to download the Frozzer 1030 specifications                 


For other wavelengths, please contact Fastlite.