Wollaston calomel IR polarizer

Calomel crystalline polarizers are the best choice for the mid-IR (5-17μm) applications requiring high Extinction Ratio (>1: 10 000) and power load light source resistance. Calomel Polarizers are commonly used to polarize unpolarized sources, attenuate unpolarized radiation, or act as a beam splitters.

A calomel Wollaston polarizer can be used as either a polarizing element that removes an angled orthogonally polarized component of a beam or as a polarization beamsplitter/combiner.

Product Highlights:

High ER contrast (>1: 10 000)

Broadband transparency VIS to midIR (0.4μm 17μm)

Highest birefringence on the market (Δn = 0.683)

Optical positive (ne > no)

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Infrared spectroscopy of materials (polymers and crystallography)
Infrared microscopy (sample characterization)

MWIR thermal imaging systems

Thin film measurement

Analysis in infrared astronomy
Laser polarization and beam attenuation
Coupling devices for MWIR and LWIR lasers

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