Fourier-transform MIR spectrometer for pulses sources down to 1kHz

As an extension to our Mozza spectrometer, the FTIRzz is dedicated to the measurement of light sources from 1.6 to 12µm.
Whereas conventional FTIR spectrometer are limited to CW or pulsed sources at repetition rates above few tens of kHz, the FTIRzz is specially designed to measure all kinds of sources, down to 1kHz!

Packed in a robust and compact housing, ready for air purge, the FTIRzz is an innovative Fourier-transform spectrometer with the unique ability to measure « low » repetition rate sources, and providing the fastest acquisition rate on the market.
Ideal for the measurement of OPAs and OPCPAs!

The FTIRzz also includes all common features of standard spectrometers, thanks to it’s user-friendly software.

Although primarily designed for OPA and OPCPA optimization and characterization, the FTIRzz is also perfectly suited to IR spectroscopy, and many other demanding applications requiring accurate and fast spectra acquisition rates in the MIR.

click on the image to download the FTIRzz specifications