FASTLITE has been awarded the mid-infrared laser system by ELI-ALPS

PRESS RELEASE – 27th | January | 2015.
Worldwide unique mid-infrared laser system to be developed for the laser research centre in

A project kick-off ceremony was held today in Budapest, part of the project ELI laser research
centre implementation (ELI-ALPS), in the major project phase 1 of ELI-HU Non-profit Ltd. On the
ceremonial event it was announced that the French company Fastlite won the public procurement
tender for the mid-infrared laser system. The amount of financial support for the first
implementation phase of ELI-ALPS Research Centre is 36.9 billion HUF, 85% of which is provided
by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund.

This morning, a project kick-off ceremony was held in Budapest, on the occasion of the contract made
between the French company Fastlite and the ELI-ALPS laser research center in Szeged, Hungary. At
the event, Lóránt Lehrner, managing director of ELI-HU Non-Profit Ltd., and Pascal Tournois, managing
director of Fastlite opened the project of ELI-ALPS mid-infrared laser system and signed the project
opening document.

Fastlite won the research procurement tender for the design and construction work for the mid-infrared
laser system. The winning company is responsible for the detailed engineering design, construction,
delivery, and installation of the mid-infrared laser system in Szeged. In addition, a special training is to be
provided for the operation team of ELI-ALPS. Each phase of the implementation is closely monitored by
both the company and the ELI-HU Non-Profit Ltd.

Prof. Károly Osvay research technology director of ELI-HU Non-profit Ltd. has pointed out on
the scientific importance of the agreement:
„This mid-infrared laser operates at the wavelength around 3.1 micrometers where water
absorption decreases significantly. With the use of its 100kHz repetition rate, it is an excellent
tool to carry out low yield, ultrafast spectroscopic experiments on samples containing water – for
example tissues and cells. A few cycle laser system operating at this unique wavelength provides
us also with the opportunity to generate keV, so called x-ray-photons.

Lóránt Lehrner, managing director of ELI-HU Non-Profit Ltd. said on the ceremony: “I am
proud of the fact that our French partner develops a laser system for ELI-ALPS in Szeged that is
unique worldwide. Concerning the three ELI-pillars, mid-infrared research will only be carried
out in our research centre in Szeged. ”

Pascal Tournois, managing director of Fastlite, declared: “Fastlite is honoured to have been
awarded this laser contract by the ELI-ALPS team. The laser performances will provide the
international scientific community with a unique source, designed around Fastlite’s renown
scientific instruments.
Also this project reinforces our strategic roadmap up the value chain: from smart instruments
to integrated laser systems

The main object of ELI-ALPS (Extreme Light Infrastructure Attosecond Light Pulse Source) project is
creating a unique European research centre, providing the international research community with laser
pulses and further sources based on these. The Szeged facility will stand out from the institutes
producing the highest intensity laser pulses in the world with its highest repetition rate and shortest
This facility is expected to lead to reaching outstanding results not only in the field of ultrafast physical
processes but also in biological, medical and materials sciences.